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Sausalito, California

Sausalito, California
Sausalito, CA


Step into a world of sheer mesmerizing wonder and beauty; a world where you can get a taste of the Mediterranean as you enjoy the languid waters ribboning through your fingers while sitting next to the willows! Welcome to the picturesque city of Sausalito situated in Marin County in California. The city is situated right next to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is flanked by rather interesting topography. Straddling the topography of hills and water, Sausalito can be rightfully called as ‘everyone’s paradise’! At a stone throw away distance from the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, the city creates a fetching picture! The scenery also includes the Pine Point and Richardson Bay.

Sausalito is a city crafted by the very best... the glorious colors, enchanting scenery…the willows standing proudly across a river bank; all fuse together to paint a picture that is simply striking in its allure! Hop onto a ferry from San Francisco and find yourself being transported to a world where enjoyment is the norm. There are few places where nature paints scenery that is so awe striking and mesmerizing that you are left gaping at it. Few other pleasures match up to the pleasure that Sausalito is- the gorgeous sunsets, the entwining of the blue water with the cotton clouds above the hills, the long winding roads that are resplendent with flowers of every possible color. Sausalito is everyone’s paradise.

The proud city was initially a shipyard, that came up in the World War II era, since then it has gone ahead to sport the character of an arty haven that comes with the ‘wealth’ tag. The city boasts of the unique pleasure of houseboats which are enjoyed at all times! In fact with the weather here being mostly Mediterranean, these houseboats are a major tourist draw and have them flocking here just to bask in the glory of warm sun and cool breeze.

Once you step onto the land of Sausalito, you have scores to options to choose your holiday itinerary from. Art aficionados, leisure walkers, museum enthusiasts all can make a pit stop here and relish the assorted delights so generously shared by the Sausalito towners. The Bay Area Discovery Museum And Studio 333 are sure to enchant the artist in you. Those with the penchant of outdoors can have a whale of a time enjoying SF Bay Whale Watching or taking pictures of the area as they board the many tours provided by Sausalito Guided Segway Tours, Sausalito Yacht Club, Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour And Nautical History Tours & Treasure Hunts. The tours are almost a must-do in every traveler’s itinerary. Besides this, a visit to Bridgeway is definitely in order; and as you pass its scenic setting, be rest assured you will be enthralled. Such is the charm of the area that many a traveler has heralded it as a dream! If you are here you can also check out the Bay model, which is a three dimensional of the San Francisco area.

Sausalito is a beautiful city whose allure enhances as dusk begins to creep in. The sun castes the entire city in a golden sheen as it leisurely dips into the azure waters…

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