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Russian River, Sonoma County, California

Russian River in Sonoma County
Russian River entering Pacific Ocean

The Russian River

What could be more blissful than visiting an ecstatic river, sweeping the beauty of Northern California. Presenting to you- the Russian River! Springing from the Laughlin Range, this river is the second largest of the region!

History for Russian River

Formerly identified among the southern Pomo as Ashokawna (water to the east) and as Bidapte (the big river), it came to be acknowledged as San Ygnacio by the Spaniards in the 18th century. Later on, they named it the Rio Grande.

The Russian trappers, who had discovered this watercourse in the 19th century, have given this immaculate river its name. They called it the Slavianka River meaning the ‘Slav woman’. Having a main streamline of 110 miles, this river receives inlets from various rivulets and brooks, before it drains out to the colossal Pacific.

The River and its attractions

The lower region of the river is an admired destination during spring, summer and the fall. It is the ripe time to enjoy swimming and boating, with the river co-operating with its gentle current. However, it is risky during the winters, with its swift currents as well as muddy water.

The floodplains of the river enclose several vineyards and an area of the valley was even accepted as an American Viticulture Area. It specializes in proffering the best Chardonnay and Pinot noir wines along with other varieties of wines. It is thus a home to numerous wineries!

One can relish plentiful adventurous activities in the river valley such as ballooning and skydiving, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, horse riding, whale watching and much more! One could also enjoy fishing, biking, golfing and even shopping.

One category of professionals who shouldn’t miss this place is photographers. The scenic beauty magnetizes large number of camera-worshipers. Wine lovers wouldn’t also skip this location with bountiful wineries geared up to serve their exquisite produces.

Beauty lures every eye and the picturesque of the Russian River is one must watch! Supplemented with thrilling activities and wineries, one could have a pleasurable stay by the river. The massive river that pours out into the Pacific is one of the best locations of Northern California.

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