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Carmel by the Sea, California

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carmel by the sea

Carmel By The Sea

This sensational petite jewel city of California, Carmel, is located in Monterey County of California. Known for its natural panorama and rich arty history, the Carmel-by-the-sea region is luxuriantly infused by Native American, early Spanish and American history. Unlike other travel spots, one would amaze oneself in this belle “dog friendly” town, who warmly welcome guests with dogs!

The Belle Town Yesteryear...

What began with a vision of ‘a seaside town on Carmel beach in the forests of pine still retains its authenticity, as though it was built just yesterday! Attracting almost all professions including artists, musicians, poets, actors and even teachers, Carmel provides as one of the best locations one could savor. It’s amazingly cool Mediterranean climate makes its visitor feel at home.

Carmel  - Exotic in its own ways

One could savor Carmel’s exotic travel spots for days and yet would crave for more! An early morning stroll on the Carmel beach which is ranked as one of the nation’s tidiest and most handsome beaches, infuses a feeling of ‘heaven on earth’. Continue on the Ocean Avenue and you would experience one of the finest shopping on the Rodeo Drive. Amaze yourselves with fashion, antiques, jewelry and much more along the tree-lines streets, charismatic courtyards and clandestine passageways. If you don’t find yourself satisfied with that, explore the Carmel Plaza where you could pamper yourself with four-star shops like Anthropologie, Khaki’s of Carmel, Louis Vuitton as well as Tiffany & Co.! Allow the White-Glove Concierge Center at Carmel Plaza enthuse your shopping spree spirits. This belle adorned town serves to the need of many art lovers with more than a 100 galleries await your delightful sights. The Carmel Art Association Gallery is a must visit.

The Town That can tickle your wine buds!

Let those taste buds tantalize because Carmel has got to offer one of the richest and tastiest wines ever. A heaven for the wine gourmand, this petite township plays a host to numerous wine merchants, gourmet markets, local wineries and restaurants, offering fine wines and champagnes from all around the world. Wine fanatics shouldn’t miss out wine bars and kiosks such as Vino Napoli, Mundaka, Cima Collins and The Bountiful Basket. The Cheese Shop and La Bicyclette proudly proffer the world renowned cheese, local wines and gourmet pates.

Romantic fables come alive...

Offering almost everything for a romantic getaway, this jewel of California renders gentle breeze, roaring surf and world class facilities to create the romantic crunch. Feel your dreams come alive as the sun wanes by your warm coffee! One place to feel the words, “I do” strike your heart is ..Carmel!

Adventures beyond downtown...

If permitted with extra days, adventures beyond the downtown Carmel are much awaited. Path your way to the hiking trials at Andrew Molera State Park or the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Golfers can feed their passion at the Pebble Beach Resort’s Courses and Carmel’s Rancho Canada. Race lovers, pump your heart beats at the Mazda raceway Laguna Seca!

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