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San Francisco Twin Peaks

San Francisco Tween Peaks
SF Tween Peaks

Twin Peaks

Get a view of the high side of life, literally, as you travel up the beautiful road leading to the famous Twin Peaks at San Francisco. Standing tall at a height of a little over 280 meters, the peaks present a sight to behold! As far as the gaze travels you are bestowed with breathtakingly panoramic views of the entire city! The peaks have been fondly nicknamed ‘Los Pechos de la Chola’ by the Spaniards, which translated into "Breasts of the Indian Maiden”.

The Twin Peaks form the second highest point in the Frisco city and are situated at its exact geographic centre. Spanning an area of around thirty five acres, the Twin Peaks have a north south point of reference. They have the scenic boulevard snaking up a charming course till the peak. A remarkable aspect of the peaks, due to their orientation, is that one side of the peaks is inundated by fog whereas the other side is blessed with sunshine; thereby creating a very visually striking and appealing image… the peaks present some amazing photo opportunities.

The place has a unique history to its credit. It was initially used as a hunting ground by the Ohlone tribe. After that they were claimed by the Spaniards when they came to this side of the country in the 18th century and finally passed onto the control of America somewhere a century later.  It was only during the 19th century that they got the name ‘Twin Peaks’. In fact, the peaks even have individual names- Eureka Peak/North Peak and Noe Peak/South Peak

Coming to the tourist appeal of these peaks, it goes without saying that they present the city at its magnificent best. The whole town of San Francisco seems to have an allure, as you sit up on these peaks and look at the world below! Some feet below the north peak lies this well-liked and often visited point known as the ‘Christmas tree Point’ that conjures up such marvelous views of the cityscape that one is just left gaping. One can see the sparkling and shimmering water at the San Francisco Bay and drink the other such sights of the neighborhood area. 

The Twin Peak areas have been designated as a natural area and as such have a lot of wildlife and vegetation to their credit. You can find here some of the most endangered species of the world; be it the Mission Blue Butterfly which captivates all and sundry with its enchanting beauty or other insects and bird species!

Besides this, few other attractions out here include the famous Twin Peaks Tunnel and the Muni Metro. The metro is a modern manifestation of the conventional streetcar system that was prevalent back in the nineteenth century. The metro ride is a fun experience and ranks high in every vacationer’s list! The Twin Peaks Tunnel boasts of the honor and privilege of being one of the world's longest streetcar and light-rail tunnels!

With attributes like these, the Twin Peaks prove to be a wonderful visit; therefore attracting hordes and hordes of people from allover the country and abroad every year!


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